From the darkness to beauty.

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About Me


I am a writer by nature and a researcher by hobby. I am 36 years old, but I have lived a very hard life and had to deal with a lot of things that most people will never have to go through. My specialty is customer service, computer work, science, and human behavior. I have studied psychology extensively and love to help people however I can.

The streets have been my home before, being poor is a way of life for me most of the time, and soon I will be working and living again like a normal person. I am often used to help friends with problems, I work fr free as a consultant for a variety of people in helping them deal with a wide variety of issues.

I am a survivor of rape, child abuse, molestation, cancer, and domestic violence. It took me years of therapy to regain myself, and I suffer from a host of conditions that include anxiety, fibromyalgia, diabetes, high cholesterol and chronic insomnia.

I can find any information or have it memorized and often give advise to my friends, and they can take it or leave it, it’s their choice.

I’m a big history buff and love to read about and find interesting things in history. I am currently studying serial killers again because of the psychology involved in these cases, which was spurred recently by the Casey Anthony trial.

I love art and all things beautiful, I find myself attracted to the most random things.


Above all else, I am Native American of the Cherokee tribe as well as from the Iroquois nation and from the Blackfoot tribe.


I hope this gives you enough information to consider what I say when I post things of my own writing and that you take into consideration that I try to be fair and reasonable in all circumstances.


This blog is my attempt to help educate and inform people of things that are beneficial to them in one way or another. The health area is specifically to aid people with information about diseases and treatments that could improve their quality of life. I will be posting much more in the area as well as offering comments on various subjects, and plan on a friend offering some fashion tips, tricks and sales she has on ebay. I would like to start on the advice column soon, so I would love to hear your questions. To start I may take questions from other areas and post my own responses so that my visitors can see my capabilities.


I am looking forward to making this blog as successful as it can be. I plan on including more of my locally famous recipes, so that you can try them at home and see what you like.


Thanks for visiting and good luck!




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