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  • Advertisements – Dumb woman tattled on by kids for allegedly plotting to kill boyfriend

Posted by 4love2love on July 10, 2011

Posted byBrooke
July 5, 2011 11:37 AM | permalink


A lover’s quarrel quickly got out of hand in Daytona Beach, FL when a pregnant woman shot her boyfriend, say police. The woman kept a gun under her pillow, and at first, the shooting seemed like self-defense.

Patricia Jaggon (pictured) allegedly fired this gun at Bobby Cord, 58, striking him in the arm and chest and wounding him. When the police showed up and asked where the suspect was, Jaggon stepped forward and said “Here I am.”

Now, here comes the dumb!

Jaggon, 27, pulled this stunt in front of seven children while six months pregnant. These blabbermouths told the cops the actual truth about what happened. Out of the mouths of bitter babes.

One child being interviewed by officers reported that Jaggon intended to fill a sock with lemons and beat herself up with it. Nice. The “ol’ beat myself up after I shoot someone trick”. That can work if you don’t tell that in advance to a bunch of kids who clearly don’t like you.

Then another child told police about a text exchange they had with Jaggon in which she wrote she was going to kill Cord because she’s tired of him and only stays with him because “he drives a nice car.”

Dang Patricia, that’s cold. Sure, maybe you were too good for him with those looks of yours and charming personality, but don’t try to instill that kind of logic into your kids. Clearly it backfired because you have been charged with attempted murder and they won’t be seeing you for a while.

We hope that you meet a man with a nicer car who’s more on your level next time.

Police: Pregnant woman shoots boyfriend near children


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