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Care 2 – Update on Dexter, Kitten Beaten By Mother And Kids

Posted by 4love2love on July 9, 2011

by Sharon S.
June 21, 2011  4:05 pm
Update on Dexter, Kitten Beaten By Mother And Kids
Many concerned readers have asked for an update on the condition of Dexter, the kitten beaten at a Florida park by a woman and her two children.  While the small black and white kitten still needs constant care, he is making small strides towards recovery every day.

At 8 weeks old, Dexter and his sibling were allegedly beaten with an aluminum baseball bat at a park in Brooksville, Florida by 24-year-old Wilana Joenel Frazier and her 8 and 5 year-old sons.  The abuse took place in front of four children at the park.

One of the kittens died of its injuries, but Dexter was saved by one of the children who witnessed the beating. The boy wrapped the kitten in a T-shirt and carried him home.

Dexter suffered trauma to his brain and was bleeding from his nose and mouth. He was taken to PetLuv Nonprofit Spay and Neuter Clinic by Hernando County Animal Services and continues to be in their care.

Since Dexter’s rescue more of the details about the case have come to light. At first it was believed the kittens were brought to the park by Frazier, but Animal Services now thinks they were strays that happened to walk by the family.

Liana Teague, Code and Animal Service Manager for Animal Services reported that her agency set out humane traps to determine if there were more kittens from the litter at the park and to find Dexter’s mother. However at this time, no cats have been captured in the traps.

Teague also addressed the condition of the kitten. “Dexter is more responsive, but he still needs continuous care and 24-hour monitoring,” said Teague. “He suffered severe head trauma.”

When Dexter arrived at the PetLuv Clinic he was in critical care and developed a fever.  He didn’t move around much and had to be force fed. But day by day his caregivers saw small improvements in his condition. After two days at the clinic his fever subsided, he began to move a little and eat on his own.

Each day PetLuv gives an update about Dexter on Facebook. The clinic is amazed at the outpouring of support Dexter has received.

Here are the two latest updates:

Very happy to share the following update: He continues to eat on his own and after he makes a mess of himself by stepping in the food he is grooming his paws!! Over the weekend he started using the litterbox too!!! Now, here is the most exciting update…. he is very happy when following a little laser light toy! Yup, signs indicate that the little man can see it (or maybe shadows of it) when it’s very close…. yay!!!! Again, can’t stress enough that he has a long way to go BUT for now, he is progressing. Hope your Monday is going well, best wishes to all and keep all those paws crossed for our little furry fighter!!

Dexter continues to do well. No real changes to report… but no setbacks either – Yay!!! Will try and get more pictures over the next couple of days (maybe even a little video if we can get him to play!!) Many folks have made donations both calling the clinic and via our website… Thank you one and all, can’t say it enough… the support is overwhelming and greatly appreciated.

There have been requests to visit the little guy; unfortunately that is not a possibility. He is still a critical care patient and we must take all precautions to keep him progressing.

From all of us at PetLuv and on behalf of little Dexter…. THANK YOU!!!

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Photo: Hernando County Animal Services

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