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Archive for July 2nd, 2011

Pop Eater – ‘Road Trip’ Actress Mia Amber Davis Dies at 36

Posted by 4love2love on July 2, 2011

By Kiki Von Glinow  Posted May 11th 2011 01:40PM

Mia Amber Davis, known for her role in ‘Road Trip,’ in which she plays a voluptuous woman who seduces the geeky main character, died in Los Angeles on Tuesday, according to a TMZ report. She was 36.

Plus Model Magazine, where Davis worked as an editor, took to their blog to comment on her death.

“Mia was a super model and industry leader because it was her love for the women she represented that kept pushing her when the industry itself did not embrace her … Today we lost our dear friend, plus size model, industry leader and colleague but we have one more heavenly angel watching over us.”

The cause of her death has yet to be released, but TMZ has learned that Davis underwent a routine knee surgery in Los Angeles on Monday, a day before her death. Her husband, in New York at the time, tells the site that he spoke to his wife on Tuesday and she sounded fine, but hours later heard from a cousin that she was taken to the hospital with dizziness.

Not long after, he was informed that his wife had died. “I want to know what happened to my wife.”

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Pop Eater – ‘Jackass’ Star Ryan Dunn, 34, Dies in Car Crash

Posted by 4love2love on July 2, 2011

By PopEater Staff  Posted Jun 20th 2011 10:35AM

‘Jackass’ star Ryan Dunn died early Monday in a Pennsylvania car crash, police confirmed. April Margera, the mother of a fellow ‘Jackass’ dare devil, Bam Margera, told a local radio station and later TMZ that Dunn was killed in the car wreck that also left one other, who has yet to be identified, dead. He was 34.

“Today I lost my brother Ryan Dunn,” said ‘Jackass’ boss Johnny Knoxville in a statement. “My heart goes out to his family and his beloved Angie. RIP Ryan , I love you buddy.”

The Morning Freak Show on 96.1 is reporting that Dunn was at the wheel when his 2007 Porsche careened over the road’s guardrail and into the woods before bursting into flames. The collision occurred at roughly 3:00 AM Monday morning on Pennsylvania’s Route 322.

“Ryan was a wonderful person he really was the sweetest and nicest guy — he was like my extra son, everybody loved him,” April Margera told Radar Online.

Margera has not been able to reach her son, one of Dunn’s best friends, as he is currently traveling in Arizona. She also mentioned that Dunn’s longtime girlfriend is not taking any calls and has turned off her phone.

A photo of the charred wreckage was posted on Twitter, apparently by the towing company. They were quickly taken down but uploaded on Flickr. The images show the extent of the fire that engulfed the vehicle.

Just hours before his death, Dunn tweeted a photo of himself and two pals — documenting their night out, beer and cigarette in hand.

Although it has not yet been officially confirmed who was driving when it crashed or the cause of the accident, Chief Deputy Coroner David Garner told Chester County’s Daily Local News that there was only one vehicle involved in the crash.

“Preliminary investigation revealed that speed may have been a contributing factor to the accident,” police said in a press release. At this time, the report also categorizes the incident as an ‘Auto Accident’ rather than a ‘DUI.’

Both bodies suffered severe burns in the wreck, and emergency responders could not immediately identify them, but police have confirmed that one of the victims was Dunn. The identity of Dunn’s passenger will be revealed pending autopsy results due out later today.

In between projects with ‘Jackass,’ the fun-loving stuntman appeared regularly in spin-offs like ‘Viva La Bam’ and ‘Bam’s Unholy Union,’ later launching his own MTV show, ‘Home Wrecker’ and appearing in films such as ‘Haggard’ and ‘A Halfway House Christmas.’

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Pop Eater – Supreme Court Rules Against Anna Nicole Smith Estate

Posted by 4love2love on July 2, 2011

By Marc Schneider  Posted Jun 24th 2011 10:01AM

The long, sad, and convoluted saga of Anna Nicole Smith versus the estate of her late husband is over. The Supreme Court on Thursday ruled against Smith’s estate, which long-argued that she was promised $300 million dollars from oil tycoon J. Howard Marshall, who married the bombshell model when he was 89 to her 26 years. Marshall’s will gave his $1.6 billion fortune to his son, and the high court ruled 5-4 that a bankruptcy judge’s ruling in 2002 to give her a huge chunk of that was decided incorrectly.

The five-member conservative wing of the court ruled against Smith’s estate, headed by Larry Birkhead, who fathered a daughter with the model, and attorney Howard K. Stern.

In writing the decision, Chief Justice John Roberts said that “although the bankruptcy court had the statutory authority to enter judgment on Vickie’s counterclaim, it lacked the constitutional authority to do so.”

The family of E. Pierce Marshall, the late son of J. Howard Marshall, cheered the decision.

“J. Howard’s wishes were always perfectly clear: He gave Anna Nicole Smith approximately $8 million in gifts during his lifetime, and those gifts were all that he intended to give her,” said Eric Brunstad, the Marshalls’ lawyer.

The saga goes like this:

  1. A wheelchair-bound Marshall met Smith (Vickie Lynn Smith at the time) in the early 1990s at a Houston strip club, where she worked. He became instantly smitten with her and began buying her homes, cars and horses. They wed in June 1994, against his family’s wishes. She famously left him in tears immediately after their “I Do’s” to fly off to a modeling job and they reportedly never lived together.
  2. Marshall died 13 months later, on August 4, 1995. His will left his estate to his son, with no mention of his third wife, who had in that short period of time become on internationally ogled Playboy and Guess model.
  3. Smith challenged the will, claiming Marshall promised her $300 million, but a Houston court decided he was mentally fit when he filed his updated will giving his wife nothing.
  4. The model moved to California and later filed for bankruptcy. A bankruptcy judge awarded her $475 million from Marshall’s estate, but that amount was reduced in 2002 to $89 million by a federal judge.
  5. Then, an appeals court in San Francisco threw that ruling out, saying a bankruptcy judge could not rule on that kind of case (probate).

The court’s liberal wing (Justices Stephen Breyer, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor) argued that bankruptcy courts do indeed play a role in these matters and that the decision could force a large number of cases in bankruptcy courts to have to be bumped into federal courts.

In his decision with the majority, Roberts bluntly acknowledged how confusing, and ultimately tragic, the case was.

This “suit has, in course of time, become so complicated, that … no two … lawyers can talk about it for five minutes, without coming to a total disagreement as to all the premises. Innumerable children have been born into the cause; innumerable young people have married into it.”

He also said that sadly, both Smith and E. Pierce Marshall “have died out of it.”

The AP: “The younger Marshall died in 2006 and Smith died of a drug overdose in 2007. Smith’s daughter, Dannielynn Birkhead, was named Smith’s heir in 2008. The girl’s father, Larry Birkhead, and attorney Howard K. Stern are in charge of the estate.”


© Copyright 2011 AOL Inc.

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Associated Press – Indefinite recess called in Casey Anthony trial

Posted by 4love2love on July 2, 2011

KYLE HIGHTOWER, Associated Press
Updated 10:35 a.m., Friday, July 1, 2011

Casey Anthony, right looks over papers in the courtroom with her attorney Jose Baez during her murder trial at the Orange County Courthouse Thursday, June 30, 2011 in Orlando, Fla. Casey Anthony, 25, has plead not guilty in the death of her daughter, Caylee, and could face the death penalty if convicted of that charge. Photo: Red Huber, Pool / APCasey Anthony, right looks over papers in the courtroom with her attorney Jose Baez during her murder trial at the Orange County Courthouse Thursday, June 30, 2011 in Orlando, Fla. Casey Anthony, 25, has plead not guilty in the death of her daughter, Caylee, and could face the death penalty if convicted of that charge. Photo: Red Huber, Pool / AP

ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) — The judge in the Florida murder trial of Casey Anthony unexpectedly called an indefinite recess Friday morning so the defense could take depositions of witnesses the prosecution plans to call during its rebuttal case.

Judge Belvin Perry allowed the recess just before the jury was about to be called into the courtroom. Lead defense attorney Jose Baez said the state had failed to disclose all the information a computer expert and forensic anthropologist planned to testify to.

Baez wanted the evidence and witnesses to be excluded, but Perry only gave him the option of taking their depositions.

“Your honor, I will stay here and do the work, and stay here as long as it takes,” Baez said.

Anthony is charged with first-degree murder in the 2008 death of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee. If convicted of that charge, she could face the death penalty.

The witnesses are on the prosecution’s rebuttal list to challenge testimony offered by witnesses during the case presented by the defense, which rested Thursday. The state planned to call a handful of witnesses and rest again Friday evening.

Judge Perry said Friday morning that he’d planned to give attorneys Saturday to work on their closing arguments, but in lieu of the impromptu break for emergency depositions, would now hold court throughout the weekend, including Sunday. He warned the attorneys to not be wasting time with the late arguments.

“You can take as much time as you want, but we have jurors back there.” Perry said. The judge also said he hoped “this is a real problem and not an imaginary problem.”

While the defense rested Thursday, experts said defense attorneys may have left lingering questions and failed to deliver on promises they made at the outset to explain how the toddler died.

Casey Anthony did not take the stand and the defense did not present concrete evidence that Caylee wasn’t killed, but accidentally drowned.

Her attorneys also never produced any witnesses bolstering the claim made in opening statements that Anthony had acted without apparent remorse in the weeks after her daughter’s death because she had been molested by her father as a child, resulting in emotional problems.

“If you do not at least present facts to support that argument, the jury is going to think you have no credibility,” said Tim Jansen, a former federal prosecutor and criminal defense attorney in Tallahassee. “When you promise the jury something and don’t deliver it you severely handicaps your clients’ case and you undermine your credibility with that jury.”

Instead, their 13-day case primarily focused on poking holes in the prosecution’s contention that Anthony killed Caylee in June 2008 by covering her mouth with duct tape. Prosecutors said the woman dumped Caylee’s body in the woods near her parents’ home and then resumed her life of partying and shopping.

The prosecutors’ case relied on circumstantial and forensic evidence, and it did have holes. They had no witnesses who saw the killing or saw Casey Anthony with her daughter’s body. And there was no certain proof that the child suffocated.

What’s more, prosecution began its rebuttal case late Thursday by continuing to walk through the door opened Wednesday by the defense when it allowed parts of a note Casey Anthony’s father left during a failed suicide attempt to come in. The note included George Anthony asking questions about the death of his granddaughter. Several members of the jury were glued to their monitors as the prosecutor projected the letter for them to read.

“She (Caylee) was found so close to home. Why?” George Anthony wrote at one point in the letter to his family in January 2009.

The defense said in its opening statement that Caylee drowned and that George Anthony, a former police officer, helped cover up the death by making it look like a homicide and dumping the body near their home, where it was found by a meter reader six months later. George Anthony has vehemently denied any involvement in Caylee’s death, the disposal of her body or molesting his daughter.

Florida A&M law professor Karin Moore said she was “confused” throughout the case by the defense’s approach.

“The defense could have attacked George Anthony weeks ago on cross-examination during the state’s case, but waited until late in the trial,” she said. “I think they waited too long to ask the big questions and got themselves in trouble.”

The defense’s final witnesses Thursday included Krystal Holloway, a woman who claims she had an affair with George Anthony that began after Caylee disappeared. She said he told her in November 2008 that Caylee’s death was “an accident that snowballed out of control.” George Anthony has denied having an affair with her but admitted visiting her home on several occasions.

They also recalled George Anthony to ask if he had supplied duct tape he used to put up posters of his granddaughter when she was missing. He said he couldn’t remember.

Baez also asked him if he buried his pets after their deaths in plastic bags wrapped with duct tape. Anthony said he had on some occasions. Prosecutors have said Caylee’s body was disposed of in a similar manner. Under prosecution questioning, he said he had never thrown their carcasses in a swamp.

The prosecution began its rebuttal case with photographs of clothing taken at the Anthony home. Court was adjourned for the day later in the afternoon, with prosecutors set to continue Friday.


Associated Press reporter Brent Kallestad in Tallahassee, Fla., contributed to this report.

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Chicago Tribune – Casey Anthony trial: Top questions and answers on jury deliberations

Posted by 4love2love on July 2, 2011

By Amy Pavuk, Orlando Sentinel7:48 p.m. CDT, July 2, 2011

Today, the 17 jurors who have spent more than a month listening to witnesses and viewing evidence in Casey Anthony’s first-degree-murder trial will hear closing arguments from the prosecution and defense.

After Chief Judge Belvin Perry reads the lengthy jury instructions, 12 of those jurors — seven women and five men — will leave the courtroom and ultimately determine Anthony’s fate.

There’s no telling how long the jurors will take to deliberate over the seven charges Anthony faces: first-degree murder, aggravated child abuse, aggravated manslaughter of a child and four counts of providing false information to law enforcement.

Where do the jurors go once given instructions?

The alternates return to their hotel. The 12 go to the jury-deliberation room.

Will the alternates immediately be taken back to Pinellas County?

No, they will remain in Central Florida. If Anthony is convicted of first-degree murder, they return to the courtroom for the penalty phase even though they didn’t deliberate in the first phase.

Has a foreperson been selected yet?

The jurors will select a foreperson once they begin deliberations.

Where do the jurors actually deliberate?

In a deliberation room that has a conference table, chairs, a dry-erase board, a kitchen and bathroom.

What is the time frame in which they will deliberate? For example, will they deliberate late into the night? 

According to court spokeswoman Karen Levey, Perry has indicated jurors will deliberate until the dinner hour. He anticipates 8:30 a.m. until 6 p.m., but that is subject to change, she said.

After they’re ready to return a verdict and Perry is notified, will the judge start the sentencing phase immediately?

If Anthony is found guilty of first-degree murder, there will be an approximate 48-hour break.

When will the jurors’ identities be made public?

Perry issued an order that prevents the jurors’ names from being released. It is unknown whether or when he will lift that order.

But under normal circumstances, the release of the jurors’ names depends on the verdict.

If Anthony is found guilty of a lesser charge than first-degree murder, it will be after the verdict is read. If they find her guilty of first-degree murder, they must stay on for the penalty phase of the trial, which would start about 48 hours after the verdict is read.

Once the jury gives its recommendation to the judge, the jurors’ service is over, and they are free to meet with the media if they choose.

Staff writer Walter Pacheco contributed to this report. or 407-420-5735

Copyright © 2011, Orlando Sentinel

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