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ABC News – Casey Anthony Trial: George Anthony Attempted Suicide to Reunite with Caylee

Posted by 4love2love on June 29, 2011

June 29, 2011

Casey Anthony’s father, George Anthony, revealed today that he attempted suicide to be reunited with his dead granddaughter Caylee and damaged his daughter’s defense by pointing out that she was last one to see Caylee alive.

A sobbing George Anthony told jurors that he still struggles with suicidal feelings and that on Jan. 22, 2009, he took a mixture of medications and beer to try to end his life.

“My emotional state even through today is very hard to accept that I don’t have a granddaughter any more. But for that particular day [Jan. 22, 2009]…it just felt like the right time to go and be with Caylee,” he said.

George Anthony described writing an eight page suicide note.

“I wrote this specific letter to my wife Cindy to tell her how I felt and how I didn’t want to be in this world anymore,” he said.

At another point, when the jury was out of the room, George Anthony said, “I needed to be with Caylee. I believed I had failed her.”

Just six weeks before the suicide attempt, his granddaughter’s remains were found in a wooded area near the Anthony family home, cementing for him that Caylee was murdered.

Who’s Who in the Case Anthony Trial

Casey Anthony is accused of murdering the toddler and could face the death penalty if convicted. The defense claims that Caylee accidentally drowned in the family pool in the summer of 2008 and that George Anthony helped dispose of the body. They claim that he sexually abused Casey Anthony and that she hid her daughter’s death like she hid the alleged abuse.

George Anthony denied those claims.

George Anthony Denies Molestation Claims

In a testy exchange between George Anthony and his daughter’s lawyer, Jose Baez, the lawyer asked him, “You know that sex with a child under the age of 12 is a life sentence, sir? … You of course would never admit you molested your daughter, would you, sir?”

“Sir, I never would do anything like that to my daughter. I would never do anything to harm my daughter in that way,” George Anthony shot back.

Baez snapped rhetorically, “Only in that way?”

Video of George Anthony Sparring with Jose Baez

The prosecution offered George Anthony’s suicide letter in an attempt to rebut Baez’s suggestion that he tried to commit suicide out of guilt for some role he may have played in Caylee’s death.

George Anthony told the jurors that in August 2008, he bought a gun in hopes of intimidating Casey Anthony’s friends and associates to tell him Caylee’s whereabouts and that he would then use the gun to kill himself.

Casey Anthony’s Case Hurt By Her Father’s Testimony?

During a morning of contentious questioning, Baez argued that George Anthony attempted to shift the focus of law enforcement to his daughter from the moment Caylee was reported missing and that his experience as a former police officer helped him do it.

But George Anthony’s answers may not have helped his daughter’s case.

“Definitely something happened to Caylee, she’s no longer with us and Casey was the last one I’d seen with her…one and one adds up to two no matter how you try to spin it,” George Anthony said.

At another point, he told the court, “I didn’t want to believe back then that my daughter could be capable of taking the life of her daughter.”

Updated evidence photos from the Casey Anthony murder trial

During cross examination, prosecutor Jeff Ashton, asked George Anthony, “Did you ever tell police your daughter murdered your granddaughter?”

“I didn’t believe that at that time,” George Anthony replied.

George Anthony insisted that his behavior was that of a panicked grandfather and father.

“Was I upset and falling apart at the moment? Absolutely. My family was being torn apart…and for you to say I was doing something wrong, I’m upset,” George Anthony said to Baez at one point.

George Anthony Says Car Smelled ‘100 Percent’ of Human Decomposition

In another blow to his daughter’s defense, he reiterated that Casey Anthony’s Pontiac Sunfire smelled “100 percent” of human decomposition and he told jurors that his daughter “has a tendency to live on the edge.” He briefly sobbed describing the pungent smell from the car.

“I could smell it three feet away from the passenger side…yeah it smelled like decomposition, human decomposition,” George Anthony said. “I can close my eyes at the moment and I can smell that again. How dare you try to tell me I did something differently than what I did.”

The more the defense grilled him, the more George Anthony fought back.

“You’re trying to take this joy of my life away from me and you can’t do it anymore,” he told Baez.

The defense’s case is winding down and so far Casey Anthony’s attorneys have had little luck getting witnesses to corroborate their theory presented in Baez’s opening statement that Caylee drowned and that Casey kept silent about the death because she had been “trained to lie” by her father during years of sexual abuse.

It’s still unclear if Casey Anthony will take the stand in her own defense. Her attorneys have attempted to bolster their theory without Anthony’s testimony.

© 2011 ABC News



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  3. […] ABC News – Casey Anthony Trial: George Anthony Attempted Suicide to Reunite with Caylee ( […]

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