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I Have a New JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by 4love2love on June 22, 2011

I’m so excited dear readers, I finally, after 2 years of searching, have gotten a job. I’ll be working at our local Wal-Mart and will be getting paid over minimum wage because of my experience and expertise. I may only be a cashier, but it’s something I’m familiar with and I’m damn good at it.


I haven’t worked for anyone else in over a decade. The guy that interviewed me said I interviewed really well, which kind of surprised me because I figured I would be really rusty after so long. But, I did a good job and now I just have to wait for the criminal background check to come back and the drug test results to come back and then I can start working.


I am SO excited!!!!!!!


I have to say that it would  not be possible for me to have gotten this job without the help of my job coach, Gerard who is very supportive and helpful as well as 2 of the best people in the world, Ronita and Stevie who have helped me in more ways than I can possibly list and have been a constant source of encouragement, faith and endless assistance.


Thanks to everyone who helped me end this 2 year struggle and the stress involved with not being able to find a job, all of which made it easier to keep trying to get something.. anything that would allow me to earn some money, which is so desperately needed.


And to my readers… never fear, I may take a day or 3 off here and there, but I will continue to keep posting all the freebies and news information I can as well as adding more of my recipes and some additional technical information that you may find useful in working with your computers so that you can keep them running efficiently and virus/bug free! 🙂


I really appreciate everyone who has been visiting my blog and hope to see more subscribers because I am not going to stop giving you information that you want and need for a very very long time. Who knows, I may be at this for years….


So keep visiting, checking in, subscribe to get updates and thank everyone who’s helped me get through this really rough patch in my life and allowed me to keep pushing on to get this job, however menial it may be, it’s still a job that I’m good at and I should do very well with! 🙂


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