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The Huffington Post – Caylee Anthony’s Father’s Identity Remains A Mystery At Casey Anthony Trial

Posted by 4love2love on June 17, 2011

First Posted: 06/17/11 06:17 PM ET Updated: 06/17/11 06:32 PM ET

By  (

Amidst the courtroom battle to determine who killed Caylee Anthony, another question of identity has emerged: Who is Caylee’s father?

The question has become a central issue at the blockbuster trial, in which 25-year-old Casey Anthony faces the death penalty if convicted of killing her two-year-old daughter.

Anthony’s lawyers contend that the child drowned in the family’s swimming pool and Casey was so overwhelmed after years of abuse she was unable to tell anyone. They’ve suggested that she’s been the victim of incest.

Baez drew gasps in the courtroom Thursday when he asked a DNA expert whether she conducted a paternity test for Casey’s brother, Lee Anthony, while working with the FBI in 2008.

Serology expert Heather Seubert said she had run the test and noted that it proved that Lee was not Caylee father.

Jurors didn’t hear about it, but investigators also performed a paternity test on Casey’s father, George Anthony, and came up with similar results.

Baez’s suggestion of incest is only the most recent theory about the identity of Caylee’s father. 

In 2005, a then-pregnant Casey told a neighbor that Caylee’s dad was “just a random one night thing,” People reported.

Casey’s friends believed that Caylee’s father was Jesse Grund, a man she started dating after becoming pregnant. But DNA tests indicated that Grund wasn’t the tot’s dad.

Casey’s pal, Lauren Gibbs, and the defendant’s mother, Cindy Anthony, both claim Caylee’s father perished in a car accident, the magazine noted.

One of Casey’s former boyfriends, 21-year-old Jesus Ortiz, died in a 2008 car wreck. But Ortiz’s family was shocked when he was named as a possible father.


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5 Responses to “The Huffington Post – Caylee Anthony’s Father’s Identity Remains A Mystery At Casey Anthony Trial”

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  2. 4love2love said

    Thank you. I will make sure to remove what I can related to this person.

  3. 4love2love said

    well, i wish i could throw a fit and smack them, but it is the legal requirement for the defense lawyers is a vigorous defense, otherwise the conviction could be overturned. I think it sucks, but in the end, i don’t think that the prosecution is going to have nearly as much trouble convicting her, in spite of the defense’s rigorous defense.

    I just hope the jury sees through their tactics

  4. katydid said

    Casey don’t even know who the father was.

    • 4love2love said

      Either that or she’s lying through her teeth.. but that wouldn’t be unusual considering all the lies she’s told over the last several months

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